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Update HORTICOPIA Professional -- Standard installation

Current Version/Build is

Update is ONLY for HORTICOPIA® Professional Version V (standalone version) and HORTICOPIA® Professional Education Edition. It is not compatible with any other version of HORTICOPIA® Professional .


  • For information on how to check your version number, click here.
  • Click here for a history of changes to the current build for Version V.

Keeping your software up-to-date for Version 5.0.369 and later:

  • The easiest way to keep your Version V software up-to-date is by clicking on Check for Updates under Help on the HORTICOPIA® Professional menu bar. HORTICOPIA® Professional also checks for available updates every 30 days unless this feature has been disabled.
  • You can also use the program's update utility which was designed for those users that do not have Internet access and need to use another computer to obtain the update. You can access this utility by going to Start Menu --> All Programs --> Horticopia Pro V --> Horticopia Update

Download and update:

  1. Make sure that HORTICOPIA® Professional program is closed. You may print out these instructions as a guide.

  2. Download one of the two updates: For updates without the SQL LocalDB, use
      1. For updates without the SQL LocalDB, use UpdateHortProV5 (click here).
      2. For updates that include the SQL LocalDB, use UpdateHortProV5LocalDB (click here). This update is consoiderably larger, so use it only if you haven't downloaded it before.
    • Click on SAVE when asked "Would you like to open file or save it to your computer?"
      Microsoft Internet Explorer users may also choose Run.Most browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others) will allow you to open the file (or run it) after the download is complete. If this option is not available, save this file to a folder on your local hard disk.  We recommend Desktop or Documents (My Documents) so that you can easily locate the file after the download is complete.The download may take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on your connection speed.
      Important information for Windows 7, Vista, and Windows Server 2008 users running with User Account Control (UAC) enabled: You must first download the update and then run the upate as an Administrator. DO NOT choose Run or Open. First download or save the update, then open the folder containing the update, right-click on the update and choose Run as Adminsistrator. If you do not do this, you will get "disk full," "write access denied," or similar errors.

    • After the download is complete, DISABLE ANY VIRUS PROTECTION then, click on OPEN to start the install.  If this option is not available to you, close any open programs, locate the downloaded file (UpdateHortProV5.exe) on your hard drive, and double click it to start the update process. When the install is running, the estimated time-to-complete may vary widely and range up to 40 minutes or even more.  However, the install is usually complete within 5 minutes.

    • When "Installation Complete" is displayed, click FINISH to exit.

    • Finally you may be instructed to "Restart" the computer.

    • After the update is complete and you are able to run HORTICOPIA® Professional successfully, you can locate the file (UpdateHortProV5.exe) on your hard drive and delete it.  This file is no longer needed once the update has completed.

If there are errors when executing the update...

The most likely cause is interference from your virus protection software and/or insufficient access privileges. Do the following:

  1. Download the update program as described above. Do not choose the Run or Open option.

  2. Disable any virus protection software you have running.

  3. Locate the update program (UpdateHortProV5.exe) and Run As Administrator

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